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Thursday, 1 August 2013

It's true what they say....

My boyfriend and I live in a small condo in the city. Someday we really hope to sell and move out to the country.  We are cramped in here. Closet space is really at a premium and we have a lot of sporting equipment and tools and books and clothes and towels and blankets and ..... well you get the idea.  Now a little bit of back story, before I get to the real point of this post.  I moved in about 4.5 years ago, and hadn't really changed a thing in here besides the paint colors. About 2 years ago Steve moved in with me.  We both knew that this place was not our forever home but if we were ever to sell and make some money off of it we would need to do some updating.  This past spring we decided to bite the bullet and start some renovations.  Our timeline was something like 6 weeks, and that was only doing work in the evenings and weekends and doing most of the work ourselves.  By ourselves I mean mostly Steve with me taking pictures. Anyways, as the title of this post states... it's so true what they say, if your relationship survives renovations, you can survive anything.  I will say there were DEFINITELY times that we fought over the absolute silliest decisions that at the time seemed earth shattering.  I will also say that our timeline flew out the window and off to the other side of the world as it is almost August and we are JUST putting in some of the finishing touches. There is still a lot more to do, but we are slowly knocking everything off our list, and we are finally in the home stretch which feels amazing! I mean i can actually sit on my couch in my living room without looking at concrete floors and drywall dust on everything.
Over the next little while I would really like to share the progress that we have made in here. It excites me every time we check something else off our list. I know it's wishful thinking but maybe we'll be done by Christmas?!

It'll all be worth it when it's over right?!

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