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Friday, 30 August 2013

Lake Tunes

We are headed to the cabin for this labor day long weekend and I'm pretty pumped! It may be one of our last cabin weekends of the year so we have to make it a good one! This means good friends, good food, and good music! I have changed out all the songs on my Iphone for the weekend and I'm going to share my top ten lake tunes now.. Enjoy! And have a fantabulous long weekend!! WAHOOOOO!!!

1. Back Porch - Dierks Bentley

2. Drive Me Crazy - Kip Moore

3. Easy Living - Miranda Lambert

4. Got a Little Country - Blake Shelton

5. Get By - Tim Hicks

6. Growin Younger - Randy Houser

7. Hank It - Justin Moore

8. Just Chillin It - Cole Swindell

9. Livin Part Of Life - Eric Church

10. Pass A Beer - Jake Owen

11. Sunny and 75 - Joe Nichols

12. Tip it on Back - Dierks Bentley

13. Up All Night - Kip Moore

Ok, so I got a bit carried away... top ...13?!

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Thursday, 29 August 2013

I See the Light!

I was looking through my Etsy "loves" the other day and it is very clear that my two favorite things to "love" are pillows and lighting. I really can't say why. Maybe because they are easy to change up? Or maybe because there are sooooo many different options?! Either way, I thought I would do a little roundup of my favorite lighting pieces from Etsy. Enjoy!

Industrial theme maybe?!


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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Toilet Fiasco!

In looking back at the pictures I've been posting about our bathroom, I keep thinking that once the floor was done, I probably should have painted. It would have made life a WHOLE lot easier. Hindsight is 20/20 though right?!

Now, the moment you have all been waiting for, and I waited very VERY patiently for... LE TOILETTE!! (Sounds so much fancier in French doesn't it?!) Now this story is funny now... but at the time?? Not so much!

Long before we had started renovations, Steve and I found a toilet on sale, low flow. We bought it because we liked the shape, that it was a water saver, and frankly the right price was the most appealing part! So we had it stored in our living room for a few months before we even got to replacing it. When the time finally came, Steve unpackaged the whole thing, assembled it, put the seals etc. in the hole in the floor where they needed to go (so technical i know!) and placed the bowl on. At this point I was beyond excited! I was going to have a place of my very own to go #1 and #2! (There really is no nicer way to say that is there?)

Bowl on...check! plumbing hooked up... check!! now to just put the tank on and then turn the water back on.... if only it were that easy! This is where I begin to hear a lot of swearing come from our bathroom...I so wish I had a picture to insert here! The tank would not fit. It was on a slant because it was too close to the wall. WHAT IN THE???? Who knew that builders didn't have to build to code?! It turned out that the hole in the floor for the toilet was only 11" from the wall on center, and it's supposed to be 13"... more swearing ensues. The toilet comes off. We go to Home Depot and look for a toilet that will be small enough to fit our space. They do not have one in store. It will cost us over $300.00 for one to be specially ordered... WHAT??? I believe the next words out of my mouth were "looks like we are putting the old toilet back on!"

I sometimes tend to jump to conclusions... as you can see! Of course we moved on and found a toilet that would fit. Unfortunately it was not low flow... someone out there in the toilet world, could you please make a low flow SMALL toilet?! Thank you! It cost us significantly more than our on sale toilet, but it did not cost us $300 so we were happy! Now... the funny part? besides the hole not being to code and our toilet not fitting?! We lost the receipt for toilet #1. Yes that is right. We literally have every single other receipt for these renovations, but do we have the receipt for the one thing that we need to return?! NOPE! Seriously, by this point, I almost wanted to give up, except for the fact that I really really really needed a toilet. So, we get toilet #2 home finally, and we (Steve) gets it installed. I was literally crossing my toes and fingers the ENTIRE time hoping that it would fit. AND IT DID!! SUCCESS!! FINALLY!!

Don't I just look pleased as punch! We still have a working toilet, and I will never take one for granted again! As for toilet #1? It got a good home with my friend Alycia and her husband in their new basement bathroom! Thanks Leash for taking it off our hands! Hope you build your bathroom to code!! ;)

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

One piece, two looks!

I'm going to try something new around here. I love trolling the world wide web to find new pieces of furniture that I can build a room around. Normally, when I find a piece of furniture I'd like to use as my muse, it does not take me long to decide what type of design I'd like to run with for that piece. So today I'd like to expand my creative mind and work with one piece of furniture and give it two completely different looks. Hopefully I have succeeded. Maybe I'll make this a regular thing?!


ottoman/curtains/couch/chair/throw/accent table/console/lamp/rug/canvas

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Monday, 26 August 2013

Prairie Love

I took this picture on our way out to my grandparent's house yesterday. I love traveling down a gravel road, the stress just melts away. How could it not? That open road has so many possibilities. Even better than a gravel road?? My grandparent's farm at the end of it...

Their home is truly my happy place... how could it not be? It's gorgeous and it reminds me of a simpler time. Can I please go back in time and be born in the 50's??

Seriously... postcard perfect?? What's not to love about the prairies?

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Friday, 23 August 2013

Don't toss us away......

Everyone loves a good pillow right? I mean nothing makes for a good night sleep like a good pillow. Even better is right before you go to bed and you throw those pretty decorative pillows on the floor and jump in!! Well I, for one, love those pretty decorative pillows that just get tossed around... throw pillows? coincidence? I think not. Is this post making sense? Cause my head would really like to hit a pillow as I'm typing this. Alas, I'll get to the point! I want to share with you my current, favorite pillows that are roaming the Etsy world right now! I wish that I could afford them all and that Steve wouldn't hate me for having 8 extra pillows on our bed, or they would all be mine!!

happy/feathers/floral/chevron/animal print/triangle bunting/quilt pillows

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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Gentleman George

Those that know me well know that I have a slight obsession with George Strait. Ok, it's not really an obsession, I don't have the urge to stalk him or anything, but he is and forever will be my absolute favorite. I'm pretty sure the guy could sing twinkle twinkle little star and I would buy it! There is just something about that cowboy hat, those tight jeans, and that southern twang that I cannot get enough of! I will warn you that his name will come up more than once on this blog, but for today, I'd like to share with you my top George Strait picks! Please tell me there is someone out there that loves him as much as I do! Pure Country anyone??

1. Cowboys Like Us

2. Run

3. Troubadour

4. Blue Clear Sky

5. Lead On

6. If I know me

7. Overnight Male

8. If You Ain't Lovin (You Ain't Livin)

9. I believe

10. The Chair

11. Amarillo By Morning

I could keep going and going, but I'll let you get accustomed to these beauties and be back with more another day! I think I'll go give them a listen myself right now!!

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Ikea, you've done it again!

Upon getting home from our road trip, I opened our mailbox to find the new 2014 IKEA catalogue! In honor of Ikea's new year and new looks, I have done up a little mood board. How great is that green couch? Are you kidding me? YES PLEASE!

couch/orange pillow/black and white pillow/rugs/pendant/floor lamp/credenza/coffee table/throw/white pillow/curtains/canvas

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Monday, 19 August 2013

Before I get to the funny toilet fiasco...

So before I get to the funny toilet story, I should likely do things in order and talk about the laying of the tile! The bathroom had some lovely, and by lovely I mean ugly and peeling up, laminate. We, and by we I mean me, chose a beautiful dark grey 12X24 porcelain tile. I wanted to go for a modern clean feel in the bathroom, and I also wanted it to be neutral. We plan on selling this place in the not so distant future so I wanted the colors to appeal to a wide array of people. Here's a little preview, this was us testing out the pattern...

notice ugly laminate... pretty tile!! SOOOOO much better! Now, we decided how we were going to lay the tile, next step was to actually do it. Steve's dad came over to help us, as we (Steve) did not exactly know how this process works. You can only watch so many You Tube videos before you realize that human help is a lot more efficient! Thank you Kevin for all your help!

Now I need to back track here just a tiny bit, or these next couple of pictures won't make much sense. During all of the initial renovation talk, Steve talked about putting in floor heat in the bathroom. I thought this would be completely unnecessary, that in floor heat is just a luxury that we don't need! Well, I can officially tell you that I was completely wrong. In a city that gets to be -40C in the winter, waking up and walking onto a warm floor before getting into the shower is a little luxury that I cannot and will not ever get enough of. Wherever we move, we are putting in floor heat in! Are you reading this Steve?! Yes you have converted me and yes I cannot live without it now!! (First world problem I know!!)

Back to the flooring! The in floor heat that we used was a Suntouch 4'X 30" radiant warming mat. I'm going to take Steve's word for it and tell you that it was an easy install!

Next the boys put the thin set down, and placed the tiles. Simple! haha I love that I can say how simple it was because I just watched!

Oh! I can't believe that I almost forgot! This is the point where we had to remove our beloved toilet, and live without it for a WEEK!!!!! Yes, I lived without a toilet for one whole week!!! This was NOT an easy task, I will not go into details, I will only say that it was a long week, and no further toilet renovations will be done in our ONE BATHROOM condo!! Once the tile was laid, we waited 48 hours for it to set and dry. Steve was then able to grout. The process went like this: grout, wait 20 min., sponge, wait 20 min. or until no water on the tile surface anymore, and repeat sponging four or five times until there is just a light haze on the tile and you can remove the haze with a soft cloth instead of a sponge. and VOILA!!!!

We have a beautiful new floor and the toilet can go back on! WAHOOOO!!

images: mine

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Friday, 16 August 2013

Good Read

My most recent read is "The Lost Girls" by Jennifer Baggett, Holly C. Corbett, and Amanda Pressner. These three girls dropped everything at age 28 and decided to go on a round the world trip. In the midst of their travels, they learn a lot about themselves and each other. They visit amazing places, meet amazing people and really make you think about your own life and how lucky we all are to live in a country that allows us to dream big!

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

New Digs?!

As you all know, we have been doing renovations on our condo for the last few months. It's really starting to come together, but the one room that we have really been neglecting is our bedroom. Before Steve moved in, the bedroom looked like this:

Now one might normally be a little embarrassed to show a photo like this, their teddy bears all over their bed in their mid 20's, however, I am actually very proud of this photo. This photo, to me, represents the beginning of me being a real grownup. I had just bought my very first home, and this was what i could afford and this was the look I was going for at the time. Soon I added a few more things and it looked like this (a bit messy but you get the idea):

It stayed like this for awhile, and when Steve and I started discussing renovations, I figured it was about time that the palm tree should go, and a more neutral color should go up, so as to appeal to more buyers in the not so distant future! So now the room looks like this:

Super plain and does not feel like "us" at all. I've been wanting to redo the room for awhile now, and I am finally able to make a few changes. So here is what I'm thinking:

I have struck a deal with Steve in that I can decorate the room however I want as long as it's not too girly. If he had his way I would plaster the wall in Jets memorabilia, but I'd rather not have Teemu Selanne staring at me as I fall asleep! I figure that this is a good contrast for the two of us. The main pieces are dark and neutral, grey duvet and navy sheets, and I would only add a touch of minty green and coral. I'm thinking about painting the existing side tables mint, and the curtain rod coral. I absolutely love the polka dot decals from Urban Wall, they are easily removed and add that touch of glam... not tooooooo girly right?? Hopefully I'll be able to show an update soon! But first.... NEW CARPET!!! NO MORE BUILDER BEIGE!!

duvet cover/navy sheets/gold dots/lamp/curtains/striped blanket/white blanket/white pillow/flower pillow/triangle pillow/letterpress prints

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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The perfect song for that first dance!

Steve and I just got back from a little road trip yesterday. We headed out to Jasper Alberta for the wedding of a childhood friend of mine. She and her now husband had a little bit of trouble trying to decide on a song for their first dance, so naturally (yes I'm tooting my own horn) she asked me for some help! So I thought i might make a little list of wedding songs that I absolutely love, and yes I'm even going to include the one that I hope to use someday! (Fingers crossed)! On a side note: How freaking gorgeous is this view? This is the exact spot they got married... I don't think it gets a whole lot better than this!!

1. To Know Love - Little Big Town

2. Thinking of You - Dierks Bentley

3. Your Everything - Keith Urban

4. The Keeper of the Stars - Tracy Byrd

5. Breathe You In - Dierks Bentley

6. I Cross My Heart - George Strait

7. Mine Would Be You - Blake Shelton

8. Valentine - Martina McBride

9. Hey Pretty Girl - Kip Moore

10. Dancing Shoes - Green River Ordinance

11. Until You - Billy Currington

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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Dry walling is fun??

Ok, so where did I leave off with the renos…. Oh right… the drywall escapade. So we officially decided that Steve was going to put new drywall up where the mirror was. This was the before:

With the vanity out, Steve went to work cutting out all the drywall that we were going to replace. Let me set the scene for you, we literally had to cover the entire bathroom with plastic and it looked like a biohazard zone. The dust that comes from drywalling is incredible!

This is a terrible picture, but it gives you a good idea how dusty it was in that tiny little space, and inevitably it did make it’s way around to the rest of the condo. Once the drywall was down it looked like this

Again, sorry for the horrible picture, but I blame all the drywall dust!! Now the easy part (totally not speaking from experience) was putting up the drywall. Literally one cut and it fit into place like a glove! Or so I am told! Now, the mudding and taping… this was the part that we were both a little worried about. Steve had never really done it before, but watching and studying youtube videos always works right?! He knew the basics, but a few things were blurry, so he just went for it. All in all, if I recall, it took a solid 3 days to complete. A lot of mudding, then sanding, then mudding again, then sanding…. It was a very repetitive process and I’m sure that an expert would just mud once and sand once. We are far from experts. In the end I think it all came out pretty damn good! And the one thing we learned was that in some spots, just make the mud a little thinner and it’ll work a 1000 times better! The end result before painting:

not too shabby right?! Wait till it’s painted!!! I’ll save all the fun pretty pictures for the very end. Next up… the joys of replacing a toilet!! I know you are thrilled, but it is quite a funny story actually, I promise!!

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Calm and Rustic

I have been really drawn to the simple designs lately. Plain background with punches of color and pattern. I would LOVE to someday have me some white wood floors, but I’m not sure how practical that would be on the prairies! I would love this to be my living room in the near future. It’s natural and rustic, just my style.

chair/ottoman/coffee table/pendant/sofa/chevron pillow/pillow/blanket/vanilla VOC paint/flooring

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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My first how to ;)

Sorry for the slight absence. Steve and I have been feverishly getting ready for a road trip out west! After a weekend at the cabin and only one real evening to get our s*&# together, it’s left me very little time for writing! Now I am on an 8 hour drive so what better time to catch up!? I doubt I have mentioned this yet, as I’ve blogged a total of 6 times, but country music and I get along very well. I have listened to country music since I was knee high to a grasshopper. Listening to Patty Loveless and Restless Heart through the giant headphones on my dad’s old stereo. It has always stuck with me and now I am a bit of a connoisseur if I do say so myself! I often annoy friends while I sing along to every song on the radio, and I love searching itunes and other sites for new and upcoming artists! My absolute favorite is when I convert someone to the world of country music! Steve is one such convert. When I met him he was listening to mostly hard rock, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit etc. He told me that he didn’t like country music, that it was always the same old sob story song, my dog left me, my wife left me and I’m drunk. I politely told him that he wasn’t listening to the right kind of country music! So I’d like to share with you a lovely little playlist of songs that helped me to convert Steve, maybe it’ll help convert you too!

1. My Kinda Country - Randy Houser

2. Flyin Down a Backroad – Justin Moore

3. You Ain’t Seen Country Yet – Josh Thompson

4. Reckless – Kip Moore

5. Sumter County Friday Night – Lee Brice

6. Carolina Boys – Lee Brice

7. Hillbilly Deluxe – Brooks and Dunn

8. Tattoos On This Town - Jason Aldean

9. Keepin it Country – Jake Owen

10. Smoke a Little Smoke – Eric Church

11. These Boots – Eric Church

Enjoy!! And Good Luck!

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Friday, 2 August 2013

And We Begin

Alright, lets dig right in, shall we?? Renovations. Do I ever want to do them again?? Not in a one bedroom condo I don’t.  I went without a toilet for a whole week… can we just please talk about this? Or not… let’s just say, it was not pretty nor was it fun.  But… it was worth it. 

As you can see, we started with the bathroom.  We thought, lets get this part out of the way as it’s likely going to be the hardest…. And we were absolutely, 100% correct.  Do you know how many things can go wrong in a bathroom?  I seriously thought, oh we’ll just take out the vanity, take down the mirror, put down the floors, put up a new vanity, new toilet and new mirror and VOILA!  Simple right?  Well I learned very quickly that all is not as it seems. We clearly left the removal of the toilet until the very last possible second. So we started taking out the vanity.

 (and let me be clear, that when I say we, I really do just mean Steve.  I sat back and took pictures a LOT!) That went fairly smoothly. My only job here was to clean out the drain, because apparently I’m the only one in the condo that has long hair… it is a little hard to argue that point!  So vanity out. Great.  Now let’s just remove the mirror. Again, simple. NOT! This is where our first unforeseen issue occurred. The mirror was heavily glued to the wall, thus ripping off not just the paint but a layer of drywall. FUN!! We debated over this for  a long time, do we try and repair it? or just go ahead and replace that panel of drywall.  Do we dare? The conversation basically went like this:
Me: “so what do we do now, this looks like crap”
Steve: “Well, I can try and fix it or I can try and put in a new piece of drywall”
Me: “ Do you know how to drywall?”
Steve: “I guess we’ll find out!”
Me: “awesome!”
So it was decided. Off to get drywall. Now may I remind you that this is all happening in the evenings after work or on weekends, so removing the vanity actually took an entire evening, and then removing the mirror ended an evening as we decided drywall should likely be our next move. So drywall took us another evening to purchase and simply cut and hang…. You see where I’m going with this? our timeline was quickly escalating.  Does this process ever get easier?  All of a sudden realize how Debbie downer I sound! The positive part of all this is the progress that is seen no matter how hard it is to get there and it really truly is worth every minute in the end! You’ll see!! ;)

images: my own
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Thursday, 1 August 2013

It's true what they say....

My boyfriend and I live in a small condo in the city. Someday we really hope to sell and move out to the country.  We are cramped in here. Closet space is really at a premium and we have a lot of sporting equipment and tools and books and clothes and towels and blankets and ..... well you get the idea.  Now a little bit of back story, before I get to the real point of this post.  I moved in about 4.5 years ago, and hadn't really changed a thing in here besides the paint colors. About 2 years ago Steve moved in with me.  We both knew that this place was not our forever home but if we were ever to sell and make some money off of it we would need to do some updating.  This past spring we decided to bite the bullet and start some renovations.  Our timeline was something like 6 weeks, and that was only doing work in the evenings and weekends and doing most of the work ourselves.  By ourselves I mean mostly Steve with me taking pictures. Anyways, as the title of this post states... it's so true what they say, if your relationship survives renovations, you can survive anything.  I will say there were DEFINITELY times that we fought over the absolute silliest decisions that at the time seemed earth shattering.  I will also say that our timeline flew out the window and off to the other side of the world as it is almost August and we are JUST putting in some of the finishing touches. There is still a lot more to do, but we are slowly knocking everything off our list, and we are finally in the home stretch which feels amazing! I mean i can actually sit on my couch in my living room without looking at concrete floors and drywall dust on everything.
Over the next little while I would really like to share the progress that we have made in here. It excites me every time we check something else off our list. I know it's wishful thinking but maybe we'll be done by Christmas?!

It'll all be worth it when it's over right?!

In my dreams only

Welcome to another installment of....hmmmm... lets call it Kaleigh's Designs.  Real original I know!
So this is what I would actually love my bedroom to look like. I think it might be a little bit too girly for Steve though. I believe this one started out with the bed.  I love this bed, I mean the color is fantastic, and the old school farm house/hospital type bed is amazing... and yes that is the technical term for this kind of bed frame! I love the natural feel of this room. The natural fibers of the rug, pillow, pendant and throw.  This feels all brought together by the B E A UTIFUL painting. Can someone come and help me to convince Steve that this is what our room NEEDS to look like!?