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Friday, 2 August 2013

And We Begin

Alright, lets dig right in, shall we?? Renovations. Do I ever want to do them again?? Not in a one bedroom condo I don’t.  I went without a toilet for a whole week… can we just please talk about this? Or not… let’s just say, it was not pretty nor was it fun.  But… it was worth it. 

As you can see, we started with the bathroom.  We thought, lets get this part out of the way as it’s likely going to be the hardest…. And we were absolutely, 100% correct.  Do you know how many things can go wrong in a bathroom?  I seriously thought, oh we’ll just take out the vanity, take down the mirror, put down the floors, put up a new vanity, new toilet and new mirror and VOILA!  Simple right?  Well I learned very quickly that all is not as it seems. We clearly left the removal of the toilet until the very last possible second. So we started taking out the vanity.

 (and let me be clear, that when I say we, I really do just mean Steve.  I sat back and took pictures a LOT!) That went fairly smoothly. My only job here was to clean out the drain, because apparently I’m the only one in the condo that has long hair… it is a little hard to argue that point!  So vanity out. Great.  Now let’s just remove the mirror. Again, simple. NOT! This is where our first unforeseen issue occurred. The mirror was heavily glued to the wall, thus ripping off not just the paint but a layer of drywall. FUN!! We debated over this for  a long time, do we try and repair it? or just go ahead and replace that panel of drywall.  Do we dare? The conversation basically went like this:
Me: “so what do we do now, this looks like crap”
Steve: “Well, I can try and fix it or I can try and put in a new piece of drywall”
Me: “ Do you know how to drywall?”
Steve: “I guess we’ll find out!”
Me: “awesome!”
So it was decided. Off to get drywall. Now may I remind you that this is all happening in the evenings after work or on weekends, so removing the vanity actually took an entire evening, and then removing the mirror ended an evening as we decided drywall should likely be our next move. So drywall took us another evening to purchase and simply cut and hang…. You see where I’m going with this? our timeline was quickly escalating.  Does this process ever get easier?  All of a sudden realize how Debbie downer I sound! The positive part of all this is the progress that is seen no matter how hard it is to get there and it really truly is worth every minute in the end! You’ll see!! ;)

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