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Monday, 19 August 2013

Before I get to the funny toilet fiasco...

So before I get to the funny toilet story, I should likely do things in order and talk about the laying of the tile! The bathroom had some lovely, and by lovely I mean ugly and peeling up, laminate. We, and by we I mean me, chose a beautiful dark grey 12X24 porcelain tile. I wanted to go for a modern clean feel in the bathroom, and I also wanted it to be neutral. We plan on selling this place in the not so distant future so I wanted the colors to appeal to a wide array of people. Here's a little preview, this was us testing out the pattern...

notice ugly laminate... pretty tile!! SOOOOO much better! Now, we decided how we were going to lay the tile, next step was to actually do it. Steve's dad came over to help us, as we (Steve) did not exactly know how this process works. You can only watch so many You Tube videos before you realize that human help is a lot more efficient! Thank you Kevin for all your help!

Now I need to back track here just a tiny bit, or these next couple of pictures won't make much sense. During all of the initial renovation talk, Steve talked about putting in floor heat in the bathroom. I thought this would be completely unnecessary, that in floor heat is just a luxury that we don't need! Well, I can officially tell you that I was completely wrong. In a city that gets to be -40C in the winter, waking up and walking onto a warm floor before getting into the shower is a little luxury that I cannot and will not ever get enough of. Wherever we move, we are putting in floor heat in! Are you reading this Steve?! Yes you have converted me and yes I cannot live without it now!! (First world problem I know!!)

Back to the flooring! The in floor heat that we used was a Suntouch 4'X 30" radiant warming mat. I'm going to take Steve's word for it and tell you that it was an easy install!

Next the boys put the thin set down, and placed the tiles. Simple! haha I love that I can say how simple it was because I just watched!

Oh! I can't believe that I almost forgot! This is the point where we had to remove our beloved toilet, and live without it for a WEEK!!!!! Yes, I lived without a toilet for one whole week!!! This was NOT an easy task, I will not go into details, I will only say that it was a long week, and no further toilet renovations will be done in our ONE BATHROOM condo!! Once the tile was laid, we waited 48 hours for it to set and dry. Steve was then able to grout. The process went like this: grout, wait 20 min., sponge, wait 20 min. or until no water on the tile surface anymore, and repeat sponging four or five times until there is just a light haze on the tile and you can remove the haze with a soft cloth instead of a sponge. and VOILA!!!!

We have a beautiful new floor and the toilet can go back on! WAHOOOO!!

images: mine

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