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Thursday, 15 August 2013

New Digs?!

As you all know, we have been doing renovations on our condo for the last few months. It's really starting to come together, but the one room that we have really been neglecting is our bedroom. Before Steve moved in, the bedroom looked like this:

Now one might normally be a little embarrassed to show a photo like this, their teddy bears all over their bed in their mid 20's, however, I am actually very proud of this photo. This photo, to me, represents the beginning of me being a real grownup. I had just bought my very first home, and this was what i could afford and this was the look I was going for at the time. Soon I added a few more things and it looked like this (a bit messy but you get the idea):

It stayed like this for awhile, and when Steve and I started discussing renovations, I figured it was about time that the palm tree should go, and a more neutral color should go up, so as to appeal to more buyers in the not so distant future! So now the room looks like this:

Super plain and does not feel like "us" at all. I've been wanting to redo the room for awhile now, and I am finally able to make a few changes. So here is what I'm thinking:

I have struck a deal with Steve in that I can decorate the room however I want as long as it's not too girly. If he had his way I would plaster the wall in Jets memorabilia, but I'd rather not have Teemu Selanne staring at me as I fall asleep! I figure that this is a good contrast for the two of us. The main pieces are dark and neutral, grey duvet and navy sheets, and I would only add a touch of minty green and coral. I'm thinking about painting the existing side tables mint, and the curtain rod coral. I absolutely love the polka dot decals from Urban Wall, they are easily removed and add that touch of glam... not tooooooo girly right?? Hopefully I'll be able to show an update soon! But first.... NEW CARPET!!! NO MORE BUILDER BEIGE!!

duvet cover/navy sheets/gold dots/lamp/curtains/striped blanket/white blanket/white pillow/flower pillow/triangle pillow/letterpress prints

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