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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Dry walling is fun??

Ok, so where did I leave off with the renos…. Oh right… the drywall escapade. So we officially decided that Steve was going to put new drywall up where the mirror was. This was the before:

With the vanity out, Steve went to work cutting out all the drywall that we were going to replace. Let me set the scene for you, we literally had to cover the entire bathroom with plastic and it looked like a biohazard zone. The dust that comes from drywalling is incredible!

This is a terrible picture, but it gives you a good idea how dusty it was in that tiny little space, and inevitably it did make it’s way around to the rest of the condo. Once the drywall was down it looked like this

Again, sorry for the horrible picture, but I blame all the drywall dust!! Now the easy part (totally not speaking from experience) was putting up the drywall. Literally one cut and it fit into place like a glove! Or so I am told! Now, the mudding and taping… this was the part that we were both a little worried about. Steve had never really done it before, but watching and studying youtube videos always works right?! He knew the basics, but a few things were blurry, so he just went for it. All in all, if I recall, it took a solid 3 days to complete. A lot of mudding, then sanding, then mudding again, then sanding…. It was a very repetitive process and I’m sure that an expert would just mud once and sand once. We are far from experts. In the end I think it all came out pretty damn good! And the one thing we learned was that in some spots, just make the mud a little thinner and it’ll work a 1000 times better! The end result before painting:

not too shabby right?! Wait till it’s painted!!! I’ll save all the fun pretty pictures for the very end. Next up… the joys of replacing a toilet!! I know you are thrilled, but it is quite a funny story actually, I promise!!

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