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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Toilet Fiasco!

In looking back at the pictures I've been posting about our bathroom, I keep thinking that once the floor was done, I probably should have painted. It would have made life a WHOLE lot easier. Hindsight is 20/20 though right?!

Now, the moment you have all been waiting for, and I waited very VERY patiently for... LE TOILETTE!! (Sounds so much fancier in French doesn't it?!) Now this story is funny now... but at the time?? Not so much!

Long before we had started renovations, Steve and I found a toilet on sale, low flow. We bought it because we liked the shape, that it was a water saver, and frankly the right price was the most appealing part! So we had it stored in our living room for a few months before we even got to replacing it. When the time finally came, Steve unpackaged the whole thing, assembled it, put the seals etc. in the hole in the floor where they needed to go (so technical i know!) and placed the bowl on. At this point I was beyond excited! I was going to have a place of my very own to go #1 and #2! (There really is no nicer way to say that is there?)

Bowl on...check! plumbing hooked up... check!! now to just put the tank on and then turn the water back on.... if only it were that easy! This is where I begin to hear a lot of swearing come from our bathroom...I so wish I had a picture to insert here! The tank would not fit. It was on a slant because it was too close to the wall. WHAT IN THE???? Who knew that builders didn't have to build to code?! It turned out that the hole in the floor for the toilet was only 11" from the wall on center, and it's supposed to be 13"... more swearing ensues. The toilet comes off. We go to Home Depot and look for a toilet that will be small enough to fit our space. They do not have one in store. It will cost us over $300.00 for one to be specially ordered... WHAT??? I believe the next words out of my mouth were "looks like we are putting the old toilet back on!"

I sometimes tend to jump to conclusions... as you can see! Of course we moved on and found a toilet that would fit. Unfortunately it was not low flow... someone out there in the toilet world, could you please make a low flow SMALL toilet?! Thank you! It cost us significantly more than our on sale toilet, but it did not cost us $300 so we were happy! Now... the funny part? besides the hole not being to code and our toilet not fitting?! We lost the receipt for toilet #1. Yes that is right. We literally have every single other receipt for these renovations, but do we have the receipt for the one thing that we need to return?! NOPE! Seriously, by this point, I almost wanted to give up, except for the fact that I really really really needed a toilet. So, we get toilet #2 home finally, and we (Steve) gets it installed. I was literally crossing my toes and fingers the ENTIRE time hoping that it would fit. AND IT DID!! SUCCESS!! FINALLY!!

Don't I just look pleased as punch! We still have a working toilet, and I will never take one for granted again! As for toilet #1? It got a good home with my friend Alycia and her husband in their new basement bathroom! Thanks Leash for taking it off our hands! Hope you build your bathroom to code!! ;)

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  1. what a story! your blog is a joy to read

    1. Thank you so much! That truly means a lot!