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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Are You Sure?

Every Tuesday, new music comes out on ITunes. I love going to the "country" section and listening to all the new music that has just been released to the world. Every once in awhile, I will find something a little more mellow than Randy Houser and Justin Moore, whom you will come to learn are my very favorites! I'd like to share with you a few of the more mellow country artists and their songs that I have come to love! Am I sure it's country music? No, but ITunes seems to be ;)

1. Dancing Shoes - Green River Ordinance

2. Tell Me So - Striking Matches

3. Thinkin Bout You - Rose Falcon

4. The Highway - Holly Williams

5. Resting Hour - Green River Ordinance

6. Half Mile Hill - David Nail

7. Blame It On Me- Striking Matches

8. Come Sunrise - Rose Falcon

9. Am I Not Pretty Enough - Casey Chambers

10. Catherine - David Nail

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