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Friday, 20 September 2013

Bad A** Goddess!

I haven't done an actualy design post in awhile, and that makes me sad. We've been putting a lot of our energy into finishing up renovations on our condo (which I'll be sharing soon!), leaving me very little time to put into being creative! Last night I happened to have a bit of free time to just sit and browse. Have you heard of a site called It's got a little bit of everything but obviously my favorite part of the site is their home decor. Some of their furnishings and accessories are so different! I love when a site can offer wild and outrageous pieces that you don't often see. I found this bed frame last night and new I had to design a room around it. How fabulous is it?! I would feel like a bad ass goddess going to sleep in that bed every night!

I have mixed this bed in with a LOT of pieces from One Kings Lane... again. I just couldn't resist! It was like every piece I looked at on OKL just coordinated with this bed spectacularly! I think I've been watching too much Gina Marie on Big Brother lately, my mords and getting all wixed up and I'm saying crazy shit!! TGIF!

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