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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Next Phase..

Ok everyone out there that happens to check out this blog page every once in awhile! Today I'm going to start showing you the next step in our condo renovations... the flooring! This was the part that I was looking the most forward to. This was where we got rid of the nasty, disgusting, builder beige carpeting that had inhabited our condo since the 80's, living through who knows how many different people.

So living with this gross carpet for so long, Steve and I learned a few things. We learned that beige carpet at a door is not smart. So our first order of business was to put tile at the door. We wanted a fairly large space of tile for obvious reasons. First, sometimes more than one person comes in the door at one time! Weird, I know! We do have more than one friend! Second, We thought someday maybe we could put a bench at the door to take our shoes on and off, and we don't want it half on the tile and half off the tile... ok maybe this wasn't such an obvious reason, but it's a reason! So Steve and I mapped out our pattern/space, and then he started ripping! It was so glorious to see that hideous carpet coming up!

I apologize for the crappy iphone photos!

the pile of ugly baseboards, the sign that work is actually happening!

Now, if I had all the money in the world? Well first I wouldn't be living in a 1 bedroom condo, but second I would have had these concrete floors finished. That however, was not an option in our world, so we figured that we would pull all the spaces together and use the same flooring that we used in the bathroom. Smart right!? I can't wait to show you how excellent it looks! (and how clean!! that's my favorite part!!)

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