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Friday, 13 September 2013


Well, I'm getting there, slowly but surely!! The bedroom redo is coming along nicely! The most recent addition has been the newly painted nightstands! I LOVE THEM! I know, I know, you have heard it a few times now. Well, today you get to see all my hard work! Painting furniture is not easy, but it sure is worth it! Ok maybe I should rephrase that, it's not really hard it's mostly just time consuming! It likely took me about 12 hours altogether to completely finish them. Like I said though, SO worth it!

I removed the drawers, and removed the top (yes it comes off?!?), and then I started sanding them down just a touch, just to take the sheen off and to get rid of any obvious scratches. Now I might as well divulge a dirty little secret here. These nightstands are temporary, so I did not do the necessary "repairs" on the one nightstand that I probably should have. The top of Steve's nightstand had a chip out of the top. It's particle board so the chip looks kind of like cardboard when you rip it in half.. does that make sense? Anyways, I had NO idea how I would even begin to repair that, so I left it and just painted it over. It does not look horrible and you cannot see it unless you look for it, but I know it's there. I'm ok with that since they are a temporary fix! Someday we'll have big people nightstands ;). Now, back to my process. After sanding, I just used a generic furniture primer:

and a smaller, soft brush and did two coats of primer. I waited about an hour inbetween coats. I also found that the primer dried really quickly while painting it on, so next time around I may try something a little different, especially if it's a larger piece! I will say though, it definitely made painting easy, I was worried that I didn't sand the nightstands enough and that the paint would not adhere very well even after the primer. Well I guess I don't know that much about painting?? The primer was excellent. It made for a great maybe the quick drying was ok if it covers well?? I'm learning!!

After two coats of primer I started painting. I used Benjamin Moore's Juneau Spring, but had it done at Rona with their Sico paint:

This is a terrible picture because clearly I was not prepared and took pictures of the paint cans AFTER all my painting... lesson learned, but you get the idea! After one coat... this is what I had, and I have to admit that it scared me.. just a touch. I always seem to forget that the paint dries darker... THANK GOODNESS!

It was covering really well though. It only took me two coats of paint and after it dried overnight, I was definitely in love!! The color is so different from anything that I have ever used in my own decor, and I LOVE THAT!

After letting them dry for a solid 48 hours, I put a clear coat on the top piece only. I figured that the top piece is the only part of the nightstand that really gets any traffic, and besides, I wanted them FINISHED, so that I could put them back in the bedroom. Selfish?? I don't care!! HA! I wanted them in the bedroom so I could see and show off how pretty they are... and here they are now! In all their glory!!

Isn't it a beautiful sight?? I'm so very proud, and they are a definite improvement!! I guess I should show you a before eh?? Wow...

There, see?? much better!! Oh I'm just as proud as punch... WOOHOO!!

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