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Thursday, 5 September 2013

We Have Water!

Next up?! The vanity!! We're getting down to the nitty gritty here folks. All I have left to tell you about is our little vanity whoops and then the bathroom is pretty much done!! (Well it really is already done but you'll actually get to see it soon)!!

So Steve and I's search for a vanity was a rather long and arduous process. We knew that we definitely wanted something smaller, and yet still practical. As you can see here:

the old vanity was... dumb... I will never understand who thought that it was a good idea to extend the countertop in a bathroom overtop of the toilet?! Yes, it gives you a spot to put a box of kleenex, but... what happens when you need to repair your toilet?! Do you just buy a new one? Cut the countertop off and reinstall it after?! Am I the only one who finds this to be a bit mind boggling? Ok, rant over.

We literally looked everywhere for a vanity, and we did not want to spend 1000$, We ideally wanted to spend $100 but that is a very difficult task if you want brand new! So we checked out a few sales, but we knew we for sure wanted white, and drawers instead of cupboards, and all the sale pieces in white looked really junky. Can you guess where we looked next? Yes that's right.. IKEA. Good old reliable IKEA. I swear this isn't the only place that we shop, but it usually pulls out as the winner in the end! So we ended up getting this:

It was the perfect size for our space, came with a sink top, and drawers! We truly lucked out, exactly what I had envisioned! We got it home, Steve and his very helpful dad put it together while I watched and took pictures. We (Steve) then started the install process. Can you guess what happened next? SOMETHING WENT WRONG... weird I know!!! Steve is a man of many talents, and he even did the plumbing for the vanity. The plumbing pieces that came with the vanity were not quite right for us. We eventually made two more trips to the hardware store. The first trip? We thought we could figure it out for ourselves what pieces we needed. The second trip was because clearly we were wrong and the store personnel do know what they are talking about! Second trip was a success and the plumbing worked. However he had to do a little mcgiver work to get it all to fit!

With the mcgivering done, and vanity installed, all we had left was the sink top and the tap. I wanted something fairly modern for the tap so we went with this from Home Depot:

 photo tap_zps45559071.jpg

WE HAVE RUNNING WATER!!! Who knew I would appreciate being able to brush my teeth in the bathroom instead of the kitchen so much! At this point I really started to feel that we were getting somewhere, and that the weeks without a bathroom were really going to be worth it! Stay tuned!

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