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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

You're a knob...

Best title I've come up with yet? I think so!! So you have all seen my B-E-A-utiful nightstand:

and now I need your help. I need to get new hardware to spruce up these bad boys just a little bit more, and I cannot decide! It's just too hard. I pick one, and then I find another that I love too, and on and on it goes! So I have been perusing all around the world wide web and have come up with these finalists... I think...

I really love the crystal knob, but it might be a bit too "fancy"... The curtians have a bit of a nature theme to them so maybe the rocks or the bird would actually likely be perfect.. but too shiny? See?? this is soo hard!!! Help!!

bird//rock//crystal//ribbon//star//tree/grey square//metallic//

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