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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

a little bit of life


What I'm Watching: A LOT of Sons Of Anarchy. Have you seen this show? I can't even tell you why it's so addicting, but it is. Maybe it's the hotty bikers? Yes, that's it.

What I'm Loving: Sons? ok ok, I'll stop. I'm love love loving the cooler nights. My sandals are put away and the sweaters and boots are out! I'm ready for you old man winter!

I wish I could afford: Everything I have "loved" on Etsy. There are some talented people out there, and I have been finding so many things that I love and I wish I could just buy it all. I'm going to have to teach Steve how etsy works so that he knows where to find my Xmas present this year ;)

My Best Purchase Lately: I went to Value Village the other day with my cousin to get her a halloween costume, and I just thought I would take a peak in the old man sweater section. Low and behold I found a navy cable knit sweater for $5.99. I wore it all weekend. I will probably wear it every evening this week. Who would give that away? I'm gonna have to stop by Value Village more often!

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