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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Bedroom Progress

Guess what?! We got new carpet!!!! I NEVER thought I would be SO excited about carpet! We replaced the builder beige carpet in our bedroom a couple of weeks ago with new berber carpet. It's called Jericho Beach Templeton Gray:

It looks a little more green in this picture, but it's really blue I swear.

We wanted something neutral and yet practical for a condo bedroom, and we did not want to spend a fortune either! I honestly think this is the perfect fit for us. It has a bit of a grey/blue tone in it for our bedroom and yet a bit of tan in it to match up with the new laminate and the beige/brown walls of living room (you'll see soon enough)!

Now, as you may recall, I had big plans for our bedroom, for after the carpet install. Well I have started to bring my ideas to fruition. Slowly but surely I will get there! So far, we have new bedding, new curtains and new pillows.

Of course I brought the mint in on the nightstands...

and we have some new bedside lamps to install as well.


I'm not sure about the wall decals yet... is gold right for this space? The room is definitely in the cool tones. Maybe the gold of the wall decal will warm the room up a bit? All I can do is try right?! Oh and I need a headboard... or a gallery wall, I haven't decided on that one yet!

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