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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Carpet by the Door...Worse than the Counter Over the Toilet!!

Second design pet peeve?! Carpet at the entrance. Have I mentioned this before? Likely, but I'm going to reiterate! Carpet at the entrance is not smart!! So...I am ever so glad that we got rid of it! The last you saw, We had ripped up the carpet at the door and it looked glorious!! Well, we made it look amazing! Again, by we I mean Steve.

Now, nothing overly technical here, we used the same process as we did in the bathroom, and obviously the same tile! I have to admit that when Steve started the flooring by the door, I left the building... and when I came back, this is what I saw...

not too shabby right? I mean the floor... hehe... It was looking fan-freaking-tastic. Eventually it looked like this...

Now isn't that better than carpet? No more dirty feet on beige carpet, with plenty of room for more than one person. Wait till you see what it looks like up next to our beautiful laminate. A preview, shall we?!

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