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Monday, 21 October 2013

i love....

Craft shows. I wish it could be my job to wander them. Around this time every year, there is a larger craft show that takes place in the city here. It's called...
It is a lot of local creatives in one space and this years selection was particularly glorious. There's always a great selection of always astounds me that people can make such gorgeousness with their hands! There was also a great selection of art pieces this year as well. One gentleman had the most beautiful oil paintings I have seen in a long time. I was afraid to ask how much they cost though! I mean thousands of dollars would not have stunned me! They were that gorgeous. The home decor was also out in full swing this year. Many great ideas came to my mind and I will be keeping Steve very busy all winter!! Saw in a condo? Yes, we have one and it looks like it's sticking around! Now that I have expounded on the many talents at this years show, please see for yourself below, and if you are in the Southern Manitoba area, I highly HIGHLY suggest checking out this craft show next year! I'll be there with bells on! Again!
For more information on the Scattered Seeds Craft Show, visit their website here!
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