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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

I Was Right... Just Sayin..

I left off last at the entrance. We ripped up that carpet and it felt glorious. I'm sure you can just imagine how GLORIOUS it felt to rip up the rest of it. Now let me remind you that this is a one bedroom condo, and we have a lot of stuff. So... for weeks, we were living in our bedroom with our living room jammed in there too. It was uncomfortable and cramped....and dusty... and unorganized and....well you get the idea!
Once we got everything out of the way, we started to rip up that carpet, and the vinyl. It all came up rather easy too and I was really surprised! There wasn't a whole lot of glue besides around the perimeter of the vinyl.
Once we got everything up, we had to scrape it down and prepare it for the new flooring. And then the place was all concrete and we were ready to start laying the flooring. See how excited Steve is to start working some more?!!
Now, I want to start off by saying that I may not have helped very much with the projects in this condo, I was more on the cleaning/decorating/painting/finishing crew. However, I did help to lay the underlay for the laminate and.... without me, Steve would still be laying this underlay. Let me elaborate.

We went about laying the underlay and it must be taped down. Now the long south wall that we started on is not exactly bows slightly in the middle... which you would never know unless you were laying flooring, or underlay! Now trying to lay the underlay in one long strip was making Steve VERY frustrated. Along comes Kaleigh... "what if we cut the strip into a few pieces?" Steve was hesitant... and I understand that since I am the cleaner/decorator/painter/finisher. After much swearing and well... more swearing, he listened... and I will say that I was right... I swear I'll only say it once! But I will also show a photo to just reiterate ;)

Once the underlay was down? We could start laying our new floor. I was giddy even just seeing the first row down. Ugh it's hard to think back and see what a disaster this place was as I sit here now and stare down at our beautiful new floors and remember all the hard work that we (mostly Steve) put in. It's totally worth it!!!!
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