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Thursday, 17 October 2013

one piece two looks

Today's one piece two looks is very different for me. I loved this Reverie Sofa from EQ3. It isn't something I would normally look at, but it just spoke to me for some reason. It's a fun, soft color and I thought it would be a nice challenge for me to use this piece for another "one piece two looks" post. The first look that I created has a rather romantic feel, I think, but with a modern touch. This is not where I was originally going with this look, but it kind of just fell into place that way. I thought with the purple armchair and striped wallpaper it was going in a more fun direction... clearly not! I love it though!!
sofa/armchair/wallpaper/curtain/pendant/pillow 1/pillow 2/pillow 3/ottoman/side table/rug/

Ok, now look #2? Completely different. Now let me just say, two nights ago I sat down to write/design this post, and NOTHING was coming to me. I mean nothing. I stared at furniture for over an hour before I simply decided I was not going to produce anything that would live up to my standards. So I closed the computer and went to the couch to watch Castle. Last night? I was on a roll. I mean everything was just falling in my lap. Pieces were coming together rather easily! This is how it happens for me. One day I'll have great ideas and not enough time to bring them to life and then other nights I won't be able to match a sofa and a chair. Just a little insight into my design process! Anyways, this second look, it's a lot more... boho? I'm not really sure what to call it. Definitely more relaxed and almost a 70's feel to it. I would DEFINITELY put this look in my home... I'd likely add a few more bookshelves though... maybe just make it into a library? A girl can dream right?!

sofa/chair/pillow 1/pillow 2/bookcases/lamp/rug/coffee table/it's ok/curtains
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