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Thursday, 24 October 2013

this is country music

There's always that one artist that you just always have to see when they come to town... for me that's Brad Paisley. It's not because he's my favorite artist, it's not because I love every single song and own every single album. It's because it's tradition. My friend Carlin and I have gone to see him every time he has come to Winnipeg, so why stop now? I have to say though, he puts on one hell of a show, and somehow we always seem to pick the right seats! When we arrived at the show we noticed what looked like a little stage next to our row. All night we discussed whether he would eventually come back and sing near us, and how we would trample anyone who got in our way to get to see him up close! Low and behold, he made his way over! Swoon.....
I love me a country concert! In honor of Brad putting on such an amazing concert, I'm going to list my top ten Brad Paisley songs... I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I enjoyed this view....

1.Mud On the Tires

2.Outstanding in our Field

3.She's Everything

4.When I Get Where I'm Goin


6.Wrapped Around

7.This is Country Music

8.Old Alabama



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