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Friday, 15 November 2013

a little bit of life...

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I love the sound of...

Rain on a tin roof. I seriously could listen to this constantly. When I was little I had a tape that I played every single night before bed and I called it my "water" tape. I could not sleep without this tape. It was literally the sound of rain and a rushing river. One day, it did that thing where all the "tape" inside let loose and spilled out of the cassette deck and it was ruined...I may or may not have cried. To this day though, that is still my favorite sound... and smell fo that matter!

The best advice I have ever been given:

There's two. I have a very hard time with making decisions, with hurting people's feelings, and making myself feel very guilty. Thus, both of my parent's have given me great pieces of advice that I always come back to... "Take it one step, one day at a time" and "Ask yourself, will it really matter in 5 years?" I often repeat these to myself and it truly does help me relieve some stress in difficult situations.

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