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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

manly office..

I was inspired to create a manly office based on this fabulous bachelor pad reveal. It really inspired me to think outside my girly mind and go manly. In the world around me, manly is usually camo, country, and sports affiliated. I would relish the day that Steve said to me, "Kaleigh, can you please design me a manly yet sophisticated office?" I really don't think sophisticated is in his vocabulary but damn a girl can dream! If he did happen to say that, I like to think that this is what his office would look like! If he actually had it his way? The desk, sofa, and drapes would all be decked out in the Winnipeg Jets logo. I'm a lucky girl, aren't I!!
sofa/drapes/artwork/blanket/pillow1/pillow2/desk/chair/bookend/pendant/desk lamp
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