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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

one king's lane beauties...

Almost every piece in this design is from One King's Lane. I know I'm not the only one that loves this site, but am I the only one that checks it everyday and could design a million rooms from it? Again, not likely! I started this room off with the rug. I really had no true direction to go in and then I saw the sofa. A blue sectional sofa, beautiful. And then… the painting. Why not mix in some pink? Sure! See how it all evolves? There is no real rhyme or reason, I just feel it and go with it. One King's Lane definitely helps.. they make it easy to find gorgeous pieces all in one place! Enjoy the eye candy!

I must also mention the beautiful brass lamps… THIS is what I would have LOVED by my bed!! And I believe I officially search for any and all throw pillows from Etsy. There's just such a variety and you can find a pillow somewhere in the Etsy world that will fit in ANY room! I swear!

pendant/floor lamp/sofa/chair/rug/table/painting/dresser/pillow1/pillow2/pillow3
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