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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

one piece two looks….

For this weeks "one piece, two looks" I wanted to use a piece that is very formal and make it seem not so formal, and to use it in a much different way! I think I have truly accomplished this. Look one…


I used this Duke, grey sofa as a settee for a dining set. I paired it with many different metals and wood to make for a beachy feel. The blue rug was put in on a whim… and I think it work! It adds that bold touch of colour that is needed with all the neutral colors and metals.

Look two…

sofa/lamp/chair/rug/throw/pillow1/pillow2/pillow3/&/deer/heart/text/magazine rack/cabinet

Now I have likely said this before… but THIS is what I want my living room to look like someday! This is it.. right here. I love everything about this room. I love the vintage mixed with new mixed with a bit of retro. It all works so well together! Don't you think?

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