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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

christmas tunes

We have our tree up, and decorated. We have almost every present bought and wrapped. We have watched three of my very favorite Christmas movies, A Christmas Story, The Santa Clause, and Prancer. What's left? Well, baking... and Christmas tunes!!! From now on, when I am doing ANYTHING in this house, I will have Christmas tunes on until December 25. Steve may get annoyed, but I don't really care!! Now I am sure that everyone has Christmas tunes that they love and listen to again and again and I am now going to share my list. You may think it's rather random, and it is. Boney M? YES!! For me, Christmas is not Christmas until I can hear some Boney M. I swear my mom played this album over and over and over again during the holiday season. She would throw in some Oak Ridge Boys and some Judds in there too, so they have made the list as well. My new favorite albums? Michael Buble... I know, you probably never would have thought, and I never listen to him on a regular basis, but his Christmas album is DAMN GOOD! My other more current favorite? She & Him. I freakin love Zoey Deschanel so it only makes sense that I love her Christmas album too right? Last but not least, my very favorite Christmas song ever?? Baby it's Cold Outside.... love.

Christmas by Kaleigh on Grooveshark
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