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Monday, 16 December 2013

ho ho ho...

I have always ALWAYS loved wrapping Christmas presents. I used to wrap all of my family's gifts (even my own.. don't worry, they were at least in a box first!!) and I would even go to my mom's friend's and help wrap their gifts too! Over the last couple of years, i've been getting a bit more creative with my gift wrapping! This year, through the wonderful world of Pinterest and blogging, I have found so many great resources and ideas! I ALWAYS print off gift tags now, and I almost always wrap with kraft paper so I love seeing simple and different ideas for additions to my kraft paper!

So far, this is what my presents are looking like...

So cute, right?! It's simple and cute, I think. I want to share with you even more fun, cute, and simple ideas for wrapping that I have found lately along

*Seriously, how cute and creative is this woman?! And with 5 kids!! Where does she find the time? Oh and she does it again here!

*How cute is this idea for the little ones?

*So many ideas here for next year!

*Can I please be rich so that I can buy all of my wrapping supplies here?! Maybe that's what I should have asked Santa for for Christmas! Is it too late??!

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