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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

old school....

When Steve and I were in the states, we were walking through Toys R Us and I spotted one of my favorite movies ever... BIG. This movie is from 1988... what is it doing in Toys R Us now?? Apparently they are re-releasing it?? Who knew? As soon as we got home, I rented this movie and watched it again... and it got me thinking about other older movies that I used to love!! The following I own on VHS.. and I LOVE THEM! I mean I own them on VHS for crying out loud! I believe this is the only reason that I still have a VCR. Yes I need to purchase newer versions... no I can't bring myself to do it... I know I will.... someday. Anyone else out there love these movies as much as I do... enough to own them on VHS still?!!
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