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Sunday, 22 December 2013

she knows me so well....

My very favorite part about Christmas is watching people open gifts that I KNOW they will LOVE! My very favorite thing is seeing the look of sheer joy on their faces. On Saturday morning, my friend Steph and I met up at Stella's for breakfast and to exchange gifts! Stella's is a cafe here in Winnipeg that is ALWAYS full to the brim and they have the best fresh food with natural ingredients.
I have yet to go there for anything but breakfast, but their menu at any time of the day is to die for! I love the atmosphere of places like Stella's. It truly is a Winnipeg gem!

Anywho, back to gift giving... Steph clearly knows me very well. This is what she gave me...

Are you kidding me?? Yes I am still a bit of a child at heart (main reason Steve and I get along so well!!) and this seriously feeds to that inner child and the very creative side of me. I seriously love it!! When I asked her where she got it, I was even more excited. You see, this little shop has recently opened in our Exchange District Downtown. It is called Tiny Feast. It looks to be the cutest little paper goods store and I have heard a LOT about it but have yet to go. I am told that it lives up to all expectations and is the cutest little store. I mean they have items from the Rifle Paper Co., how can they not be totally awesome! I wanted to share this little gem with everyone as I believe that little shops like this should get the publicity they deserve. I for one cannot wait to go! Especially now since I know they carry the greatest things like a stamp carving kit!!! Thanks again Steph!! Can't wait to meet you in person Tiny Feast!!
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