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Thursday, 9 January 2014

if only...I were single???

Yes, another nursery... no I am not pregnant! I feel the need to write that every time that I design a nursery... don't ask me why! This design started off when I visited the Restoration Hardware site. I LOVE Restoration Hardware. They have simple, classic designs. I love the soft feel that everything seems to have. Trolling through the rugs, this star pattern caught my eye. I love the whimsical yet adult feel it takes on. Thus, first thought?! Nursery! I enjoy nursery's that are not too childish, that have the potential to grow with the child. I understand that is not everyone's taste, but when I am designing a room for fun, i tend to lean toward my own taste. Anywho, lets get on with the show, shall we? Please enjoy my version of a "girly" modern nursery. Don't tell Steve, but if I were still single, this room (minus the crib of course) might just be what the doctor ordered!
crib.drapes.pillow.chair.rug.bedding.pillow.chandelier.feather print.heart print.change table
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