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Monday, 20 January 2014

kitchen goods...

At this very moment, I am listening to Jennifer Nettles' new CD… her voice gives me chills I swear!! What else gives me chills?? SMEG refrigerators. That's right… if I could pick any refrigerator, it would be a SMEG… in black… mmmm yes ma'am! There is just something about that classic shape.. it just speaks to me. Now, I know I have done a lot of retro inspired designs lately, and frankly.. it's my blog so I can design what I like!!! And I thought it was about time I designed a kitchen… and a retro one at that! Now to go with this retro kitchen, I am picturing everything else to be white… maybe some lace curtains over a lovely farmhouse sink window… looking out at a tire swing hanging from an old oak tree… ok... too far?? It's clearly the simple life I crave… someday i'll get back there!
mixer.EAT.cabinet.fridge.stools.stove.flower decal.pendant.toaster.
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