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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

simple is sometimes best...

Sometimes simple black and white is just what feels best. It feels clean and modern and then for fun… why not throw in a touch of red! I have a red couch right now, and I loved it when I first bought it, but right now it does not match any of my decor at all. If I could have a do-over…I would have done something like this… unit.wall table.

I love all the simple shapes of this room that still give a large impact, and then the soft, look of the bright red couch is the perfect touch to make it still feel warm and cozy and not too stark. As a college student.. this was the look I was going for but never quite made it there… ever… cause I was poor… and spent all my money on beer… sorry mom!! Wow way off topic there..oops! I guess i'll let this design speak from here on out… enjoy!!

ps. I know that the curtains are actually shower curtains.. but they are still fabric and who says you can't break the rules now and then?

pps. We now have a structure in Winnipeg! So if you have a real hankering for that couch… it's local!!

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