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Monday, 13 January 2014

what's not to love?!

Welcome to the second edition of… "What's not to love?!" Sometimes I get on a kick where I feel like there is nothing in my closet to wear (just like every other woman in america!!), and i peruse the internet wishing that I could purchase all kinds of things… and looking for deals on items that I just MIGHT convince myself I deserve. We are heading to Phoenix in a few weeks so I am really trying hard to not buy anything so I can shop till I drop down there! I have already decided that on a few things that I definitely want to come home with… A: a new purse, B: new shoes (duh!) and C: a new belt… and maybe a few other little accessories. These little ditty's definitely caught my eye and that purse!!! I know I don't need another yellow purse but it's just so damn pretty! I want it all… I WANT IT ALL! Ok, i'm calming down… please enjoy a few of my favourites as of late while I go and relax… and make a shopping list!
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