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Friday, 28 March 2014

bright future....

Here's my dose of sunshine for the week! I mean really, we need a LOT of sunshine in our lives right now because this country is still covered in FEET of snow, and although the sun may be shining, it's still frigid out there! ENOUGH! I am done, I want to wear sandals and not have to wear a jacket! Ok, rant over, I swear! Now, back to inside voice and happy thoughts! I guess I was just in the mood to do a fun... BRIGHT room again. Neons are still in right now and frankly, I love it! Reminds me of tie dye and chip and pepper neon shirts growing up... oh the 80's! Slowly coming back! Am I the only one that wants to seriously run out and buy a pair of overalls!? Anyway, please enjoy this bright rendition of... a teen girl's room perhaps?

book shelf.bedding.pendant.pillow.bla print.pillow.nightstand.Reina chair.bed frame
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