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Sunday, 23 March 2014

fun and funky flower girl….

With wedding planning in full swing, I have many ideas and even more thoughts. About the only thing I know for sure so far is where we are having it, when, and what I am wearing. YES! I already have my wedding dress! It was so hard to leave it in the store! I think you know it's the right one when you NEVER want to take it off right?! Anywho, I believe I also know what my little flower girl will be wearing…it's something along these lines…

Our wedding is going to be fun and casual, except my dress of course! Our little flower girl will be super hip in her Converse sneakers, and then of course she needs the very girly tutu. I'm still not sure on the tights, but this is the general direction I am going… what do you think? Why aren't bridesmaids dresses ever this fun?!

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