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Monday, 31 March 2014


For some strange reason, lately I have been reminiscing about my previous living arrangements. Could it be all the house talk around here lately? Maybe. I have moved 4 times since I was 18... I have had great roommates and created lots of great memories. One thing that I often think about? The decor. I am always thinking about decor. I had very little furniture in my first place. Very slowly I started to acquire pieces, whether old or new, I always tried to make them my own. For the most part though? Each place was very ... shall we say, student eclectic? If only we had an ikea in Winnipeg back then. I thought, for fun, I would design my idea of a student space. Bright, colorful, fun.... oh how jealous my friends would have been!! table.chair.pillow.pillow.side table
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