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Thursday, 3 April 2014

my inspiration...

Ok, here it is... more beautiful inspiration for the mind, heart, and soul! Everyone needs a good dose right? Today it's bedrooms. I think I can honestly say that the bedroom is my favorite room in the home... because I can sleep there. I admit... I am a sleep-a-holic. No I do not have kids yet, and yes my friends do call me a "grandma".. but that's a-ok with me! I love going to bed early and I love getting up late! I love laying in bed reading, eating, (much to Steve's dislike), and well...blogging! Anyway, back on track...I have picked out my three favorite rooms right now that I have been seeing on Pinterest. These rooms all clearly have a common theme. I'm so drawn to natural decor right now...clean, simple, earthy tones and textures. See for yourself!

This wood and...slate? chevron wall is AH-MAZE-ING! I love it.. and would love to duplicate it. And the fact that it is on what looks to me like a concrete wall...the room of my dreams? Quite possibly!

Now this room...something about simple wood floors with a fun accent gets me every time! It's a simple statement and then bringing in the pops of color in the bedding.. perfect! Oh and have I mentioned the lack of clutter! That's my very very favorite!

Last but not least.. brick..always a favorite. White painted brick?! Even better. I think even painted white that brick gives off such a feeling of warmth and comfort. I may be the only one that feels that way...and I don't care! And can I just point out the floors in this room? They look about 100 years old and they are GORGEOUS! Oh and the headboard! Let's not forget this gorgeous headboard that takes this room from rustic to glamorous in .02 seconds! Sarah M Dorsey has a tutorial on her blog that I have wanted to try for a long time now! Maybe I can convince Steve to help me give it a go!

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