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Monday, 5 May 2014

my inspiration...

I have a confession to make. I have never been a huge fan of the "one accent wall". Remember back in the day when you would just pick that one wall and paint it a totally different color and that would be the extent of your "decorating" for that room?! No? Only me? Well, I will call you a liar then and move on. I think that the accent wall has come a long way, and now I am a big fan... when done right!


When I purchase a "new to me" home, in the very near future I hope, the first thing I will do AFTER painting all the walls white, is paint one wall black. I don't know where yet, and it might be a teeny tiny little area, but I want it. I love the impact it makes!


Ok, books covering a wall head to toe?! Yes please! How boring this grey wall would be without all those shelves and books. What a great way to bring out your personality in your home!


Plank wall? This will be the second accent wall that I have in my home. It makes it feel so warm and cozy. Right now I am thinking... combine the book wall and the plank wall and make a little reading nook with lots of pillows and fuzzy blankets.. can you picture it?! I'm already drifting off to la la land just thinking about it!

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