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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

my inspiration...

Three things I have always wanted to do/try design wise...

1. Hang a hammock inside.

Is this not the epitome of relaxation?! In this fair land that I live in… we are only able to use a hammock outside about 3 months of the year. If I could put one in my future home, I would never move.

2. Paint a significant part of a room a very bright color.

It's only paint right?! It's the easiest design feature you can change! I am normally very minimal with paint, I have a thing for white walls, but just once, I would love to paint some major feature a super bright color. How gorgeous is this purple?!

3. Wallpaper a ceiling.

Frankly I would like to wallpaper SOMETHING… ANYTHING in my next house, but how cool is this wall papered ceiling! Such a brilliant idea. It draws your eye up and adds such a nifty visual interest to the room!(That's right, I said nifty!) Brilliant!! (I wish I had thought of it first!)

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