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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

my inspiration...

Pops of color… in the most unexpected places sometimes! I love neutrals as much as the next girl.. I mean black is a girl's best friend right?! Sometimes though, you just need a little pop of color to brighten your life!

Pink countertop? Fantastic! Add on mint cupboards?! Brilliant! Ok, so not everyone is going to love this, but it's just so different that I will classify it as brilliant. Would I have the guts to do this in my own home? Not likely… and i'll blame Steve for that… I don't think he would like pink countertops a whole lot.. I guess i can't blame him!

The ceiling. I freakin love when people just paint the ceiling… It's almost as good as painting a giant sun and bright blue sky on your ceiling. Waking up to a bright ceiling would just make my day… everyday!

Painting floors… oh I so wish I could do this. I know a lot of people would be scared to paint their floors, but it's only paint right?! Be brave, be bold… Use paint in the most unexpected places. How can you not want to after seeing these gorgeous rooms?!

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