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Friday, 16 May 2014

random dining room….

This dining room… I have no words. I literally just started to pick out items that I really liked and put them all together and somehow… it works! I believe this is what they call eclectic.

I think I have used this rug in a different design once before… but it's so lovely. It just has this old world feel to it but sort of modern at the same time, and I love that it looks washed out. That chair from Etsy, I have wanted to use in a design for awhile now. I love it's shape. It would look gorgeous in a living room too! Oh or in the corner of a bedroom… oh the possibilities! I still sam so surprised sometimes at the things you can find on Etsy! LOVE IT!

napkins.whiskey print.pendant.copper print.plate.chair.flatware.sideboard.rug.bench
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