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Friday, 27 June 2014

all about the sleep...

I love sleep... and frankly, sleep loves me! Just ask Steve, I can be a real grump without enough sleep and by grump, I mean the other bad word that starts with a B! So clearly, when I designed this bedroom, I was tired... because this bed looks shcamazing! I love that tufted head board more than life itself right now! It's such a glamorous piece of furniture... then paired with bright colors, like the anthropologie sheets, and this gorgeous leather chair...are you kidding me? That chair screams fun and yet sophisticated! Who am I kidding, I love it all! Happy Friday all!!
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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

kitchen love...

So, i'm dreaming again. We take posession of our house in just over 30 days. I am very excited, but I know that changes will to any decor will be very slow for the first year or so, and I am a very impatient person! Day dreaming it is for now! How fantastic are those Anna Rifle Bond Recipe Boxes... I got one for my shower and I cannot wait to have it sitting on my counter!! Does that mean i'm getting old?? When a recipe box excites me?!

sink.cabinet.cups.salt&pepper.countertop.pendant.recipe box.utensil holder.tea towel.cabinet pull
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Sunday, 22 June 2014

my inspiration...

This Sydney home is gorgeous. I really don't need to say much more than that… but I will!

First of all... the concrete island. In my dreams, truly.

I love how simplistic this home feels. So clean and simple, and bright!

Oh dining table, it's like being taken back to the 60's and yet it feels so new and fresh. I so wish I could tour houses like this for a living.. can that please be a job?

Happy Monday, all!

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Thursday, 19 June 2014

the retro look...

I LOVE the look of old vintage sheets…


Growing up, I had sheets exactly like #4....and I did not like them! (Sorry mom)! Funny how things change though right?! I wish I had them back now... come to think of it I think they are put to use at the cabin. Anyway, I have been seeing them around more and more lately, and the colors are just so vivid, they make me smile! I think the best use of vintage sheets that I have seen so far comes from here...BRILLIANT! It actually gives me a few ideas for our sun room!

While searching for more vintage sheets, I found a wide array on Etsy, where else! You can purchase fat quarters for super cheap and my brain is just swirling with ideas! How fantastic are the fluorescent florals!!
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Monday, 16 June 2014

rock and roll all night...

How fantastic is that skull?! I'm not normally a skull girl, but when it's as glamourous as this one is?! Absolutely! Now the only problem? I can only find it overseas. Sometimes the best stores are just so out of reach, right?! Thank god for the internet!! This entire page is taken from stores that originate in New Zealand or Australia and it makes me want to move there SOOOO bad!! They have such fun, funky, and fresh ideas over there! I mean even that chair! COME ON!! Alright, i'll stop now, but if you ever make a trip to New Zealand.. please call me…and take a really large suitcase ;) pillow.heart pillow.side table
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Friday, 13 June 2014

it's got a sunroom!!

So, the new house?! It has a sunroom!! I have to admit that I never did hope for a sunroom, however, now that there is one in the new house, I AM ECSTATIC! I am going to do EVERYTHING in this sunroom… if there was a bathroom and a hotplate, I would never have to leave! All I keep thinking about is grabbing a blanket, curling up with a good book and reading the entire thing in one sitting on a sunny fall day. How good does that sound?!

Now what to curl up on?! That is the question!

This gorgeous sectional would be perfect…seriously… perfect. And plants?! Well I have none right now.. zero.. and i'm pretty sure I would kill any that I did have… but these plants? I might be able to manage them… and it's true… they do add warmth! A new house, and turning over a new leaf… literally!
sectional.light.table.fejka.aloe.rug.rocking chair.side table
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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

please forgive me....

It's been super quiet around here again lately. These last few weeks have been absolutely CRAZY! I had my wedding shower two weekends ago, and then we flew to Ottawa last Thursday for my best friend's wedding!! This weekend we have our own wedding social, so needless to say we have had just a few things on our plate! I'm super tired but thoroughly looking forward to it!

Anyway, how are things?! I hope all is well in your world! I'd like to share some wedding inspiration with you today, since that is clearly what's been heavy on my plate lately!

These boutonnieres are fantastic. I love the simple rustic look that they portray. Simple and rustic... my two favorite things!

Mason jars... no rustic wedding would be complete without mason jars! I hope to have a couple at each table, painted gold and pale pink, with just a couple flowers and babies breath sticking out the top... gorgeous right?!

Empty frames... I freakin love this look! I'm wondering about having it as a backsplash behind the head table?!

Our wedding basically all takes place outdoors, in the fall so, lighting will be very important! I love this look for it's simplicity! We also want to have a bonfire for the chilly evening, so that'll add to the the ambiance as well and provide more mood lighting.

Writing this post is just making me realize just how much work we have left to do!! Ugh! There's still time to elope, right?!
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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

my inspiration...for the new house...

A little twist today... I am officially obsessed with searching for ideas for our new house. Granted, I know I won't be able to change things up right away...1. because we aren't loaded and 2. because we don't have the time, and 3. because (despite what every fiber of my being is telling me) we should live in the house for awhile and learn it's ways before we make any major changes.

Anyway, my main area of interest lately has been the kitchen. We are moving in to a very "farm house" kitchen. The cupboards are oak which is awesome cause that means they are real wood, but they are very grainy... not so awesome. My mom thinks I am insane for wanting to paint such a gorgeous feature, but sorry mom... it's the 21st century and paint will prevail!! (Love you mom!)

With that being said, I have a few ideas swirling but I cannot quite decide what I prefer....

Sidenote: I would LOVE to remove all the upper cabinets and have open shelving... but Steve truly believes I am crazy...end Sidenote. So...grey. I love grey.. it just works. It's neutral, it's calming and it's pretty error proof... since we'll be painting them on our own and all.

mmmm.. dark cabinets...I LOVE THIS! but am I brave enough?! Again, kind of fool proof I think!

Now this is something that never occured to me until I saw this picture... leave the bottom wood.. only paint the top white?! Brilliant?! It makes it feel warm and fresh all at the same time. This may not work with our cabinets though because they are so grainy... but it might tone the grain down a notch?! It's so hard.. I just don't know!!!

Last but not least.. a pop of color. I love this look too, but again, am I brave enough?! It's a little less forgiving but the end result would be FANTASTIC! Ugh, it's such a hard decision... glad I still have a lot of time to make the final decision! Knowing me, i'll stick with the safe route. Oh the other thing I have thought of too which is shown in the turquoise cabinets is painting the upper cabinets white and doing some sort of color on the bottom. I have wanted to try this for a long time and I can almost gaurantee it will happen in our'll just be a matter of what color will win for the bottom!
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Monday, 2 June 2014 say the least...

So.... Steve and I.....


Finally we can have all of our belongings in one place, instead of scattered between three because we have outgrown our one bedroom condo. It is so exciting! The place has great bones and a B..E..A..U..tiful yard! It is going to be so exciting for us to make it our own, and now I have so many decorating thoughts going through my head that I know it's going to be very hard for me to make a real decision when it comes to paint and furniture and i'm beyond excited and a little overwhelmed!! I know we have to live in teh place as is for awhile and see what works for us, but in the mean time, i'm coming up with plans for each room.. like this one:

If I could find a blue sectional like this one in Winnipeg I would be in heaven. Steve and I have a lot of antique furniture just laying around in my mom's basement and I cannot wait to actually use it all! Anyway, I will slowly share details on the new house as the possession date gets closer. and of course many more design plans too! Have a great Monday! table.bookshelf.throw.pillow.side table.pillow
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