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Monday, 2 June 2014 say the least...

So.... Steve and I.....


Finally we can have all of our belongings in one place, instead of scattered between three because we have outgrown our one bedroom condo. It is so exciting! The place has great bones and a B..E..A..U..tiful yard! It is going to be so exciting for us to make it our own, and now I have so many decorating thoughts going through my head that I know it's going to be very hard for me to make a real decision when it comes to paint and furniture and i'm beyond excited and a little overwhelmed!! I know we have to live in teh place as is for awhile and see what works for us, but in the mean time, i'm coming up with plans for each room.. like this one:

If I could find a blue sectional like this one in Winnipeg I would be in heaven. Steve and I have a lot of antique furniture just laying around in my mom's basement and I cannot wait to actually use it all! Anyway, I will slowly share details on the new house as the possession date gets closer. and of course many more design plans too! Have a great Monday! table.bookshelf.throw.pillow.side table.pillow
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