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Friday, 13 June 2014

it's got a sunroom!!

So, the new house?! It has a sunroom!! I have to admit that I never did hope for a sunroom, however, now that there is one in the new house, I AM ECSTATIC! I am going to do EVERYTHING in this sunroom… if there was a bathroom and a hotplate, I would never have to leave! All I keep thinking about is grabbing a blanket, curling up with a good book and reading the entire thing in one sitting on a sunny fall day. How good does that sound?!

Now what to curl up on?! That is the question!

This gorgeous sectional would be perfect…seriously… perfect. And plants?! Well I have none right now.. zero.. and i'm pretty sure I would kill any that I did have… but these plants? I might be able to manage them… and it's true… they do add warmth! A new house, and turning over a new leaf… literally!
sectional.light.table.fejka.aloe.rug.rocking chair.side table
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