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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

a little brick...and a little black....

In our new home, which we move into in two days... AHHHHHHHH!!!!! There is no real dining room, HOWEVER... the living room is very very large. SO, my thought is...split it up. I really want a large dining table, and I do believe there will be enough room in that large living room for a large dining table off to the side. I am on Pinterest like crazy right now and have found some amazing dining rooms that back onto a living room... or dining rooms period!

Now, I do not have a brick wall in my living room ... but maybe i could diy something up... and by me I mean Steve. It's so freakin gorgeous, and rustic, and.........gorgeous!

I have already shown Steve this beautiful room, and his favorite part is that table! My favorite part is that black wall. Somewhere in my house there will be a black wall!

The drapes behind this table are absolutely gorgeous. They add such a softness to a large loft space. I think what drew me to this photo the most is that this is basically the exact sofa that I want to purchase. It gives me hope that the furniture that I have been looking at might just work in our space and I might just be able to do what I have been hoping to do!

This room is a touch too formal for my taste, but I do love the contrast going on... it's formal and yet simple. The understated chairs and the rustic table bring down the elegance and make it comfortable. It's really a gorgeous and well thought out space. As will be mine someday! You'll see ;)
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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

let's dance...

Well folks… i'm gonna dance! I am taking a little hiatus…the packing and the moving is about to begin and between that and wedding prep, I am proving to be one busy woman! I hope you will come back and join me next week! Love you all!

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Thursday, 17 July 2014

eeny meeny mony mo…

Did I even spell that right?! That might be the only way we can make the following decision…what sofa do we buy?! We are going to need a new sofa for our giant living room. I have always wanted a sectional..always. We both agree that we want a fabric sectional and I think… THINK… we have it narrowed down to two! The Linea sofa from Structube...

sofa.chair.curtains.side table.lamp.wallpaper.table.pillow.pillow.throw

And the Miami Sofa from Structube... table.side table.chair.floor unit

I thought that maybe designing a room around each sofa would help me decide, but I do believe it just made it harder! I am in love with the miami sofa, and I think I actually somewhat convinced Steve of the orange Strandmon chair from Ikea! It's in the lead right now, but damn… that linea sofa looks really good with that wallpaper and lamp… ya I definitely have not made this decision any easier!

Happy Friday all!!

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

what's not to love?!

Wow, I have not done one of these in a long I have some gems for you today! All Etsy again.. there are some talented people out there people!

1. This clutch... I have a thing for aztec prints right now as does 3/4 of the design world!

2. Always always always looking for more throw pillows... Steve hates it!

3. How about a moroccan pom pom towel... umm yes please!

4. Have you ever seen a lamp like this? I think I am safe to say that this is one of the most original pieces that I have seen on Etsy in a very, very, long time!

5. Where the Wild Things Are... timeless.

6. If I had a million dollars...... (Bare Naked Ladies anyone? Canadians the only ones that will get that??) Ok, for real though.. if I had a million dollars these are the chairs that would be in my future home.

7. I am not a huge fan of wearing bracelets, but if I had one like this, I would wear it all the time. How gorgeous it is!!

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Sunday, 13 July 2014

oh my days...

Well, it's Monday again! On the bright side? Only 19 more days until we move into our new, bigger, country home! Oh lordy I cannot wait!

Anyway, today I have for you a bedroom of epic proportions... ok I may be exaggerating a tiny bit... but it is pretty great. I mean that elephant print? Come on, it's pretty great. Know what I just realized? This room actually uses all my wedding colors... ironic? I guess I really do always have my wedding on my mind! Anyway, happy Monday everyone, and I hope you enjoy this little gem!

bedding.chair.oh my days.lamp.throw.elephant.pillow.pillow.table.sconce
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Friday, 11 July 2014

Gothenburg...who knew?!

This place is freaking gorgeous...

That fire place?? HELLO!!!!! If I knew where Gothenburg was, I would be super tempted to move there if THIS is their style!

Happy Friday!!!

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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

the view out there...

So, our new house has windows.. galore. the living room has... four large, basically floor to ceiling windows that are spaced about a foot apart. Right now they have sheers on them... not the prettiest sheers either. So now it's got me thinking... what am I going to do? What inexpensive way can I make these windows look amazing?! I can roam pinterest... I can seek out my inspiration board and find fantabulous ideas... like these....

black curtains. LOVE! I love this look more than I can even tell you. I think it would work in a living room, where not too much light shines in? Maybe even mix with some white sheers...

What about BRIGHT panels. I do love this look with neutral furniture. It can be an exciting twist to a neutral room!

Geometric panels.. they have a certain appeal. When the panels are neutral they work super well with other patterns and colors.

Last but certainly not least.... who would have thought to use other textiles? Why not a rug valance? Whomever designed this was freaking brilliant. I love the natural look of the wood shutters with the kilm textile rug. So excellent!

Am I any closer to finding something that will work in our living room? Not really, but I sure enjoyed staring at these gorgeous spaces! Ok for real though... at least one window frame will be painted black in our house!
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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

pretty in purple...

Ok, I know... i've been MIA... but I had a spectacular reason.... I was being super lazy at the cabin. Yes that's right... selfish and lazy... and it was glorious! But now i'm back, again.. i swear. No more vacations for awhile!

Let's get back to business in style, shall we?! This couch screams style and I LOVE IT! I love that it's purple, I love that it's tufted, and I love that it's a classic piece that screams new and fun and sophisticated! Don't you?! Happy Tuesday!!
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