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Thursday, 17 July 2014

eeny meeny mony mo…

Did I even spell that right?! That might be the only way we can make the following decision…what sofa do we buy?! We are going to need a new sofa for our giant living room. I have always wanted a sectional..always. We both agree that we want a fabric sectional and I think… THINK… we have it narrowed down to two! The Linea sofa from Structube...

sofa.chair.curtains.side table.lamp.wallpaper.table.pillow.pillow.throw

And the Miami Sofa from Structube... table.side table.chair.floor unit

I thought that maybe designing a room around each sofa would help me decide, but I do believe it just made it harder! I am in love with the miami sofa, and I think I actually somewhat convinced Steve of the orange Strandmon chair from Ikea! It's in the lead right now, but damn… that linea sofa looks really good with that wallpaper and lamp… ya I definitely have not made this decision any easier!

Happy Friday all!!

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