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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

the view out there...

So, our new house has windows.. galore. the living room has... four large, basically floor to ceiling windows that are spaced about a foot apart. Right now they have sheers on them... not the prettiest sheers either. So now it's got me thinking... what am I going to do? What inexpensive way can I make these windows look amazing?! I can roam pinterest... I can seek out my inspiration board and find fantabulous ideas... like these....

black curtains. LOVE! I love this look more than I can even tell you. I think it would work in a living room, where not too much light shines in? Maybe even mix with some white sheers...

What about BRIGHT panels. I do love this look with neutral furniture. It can be an exciting twist to a neutral room!

Geometric panels.. they have a certain appeal. When the panels are neutral they work super well with other patterns and colors.

Last but certainly not least.... who would have thought to use other textiles? Why not a rug valance? Whomever designed this was freaking brilliant. I love the natural look of the wood shutters with the kilm textile rug. So excellent!

Am I any closer to finding something that will work in our living room? Not really, but I sure enjoyed staring at these gorgeous spaces! Ok for real though... at least one window frame will be painted black in our house!
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