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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

no storage...none...

Our new home... lacks any sort of storage in the front entrance. We need SOMETHING there before winter and all of the toques and mittens start to pile up! Yes, I am already thinking about that! Anyway, I have a lot of ideas, we just need to execute. I want it to a bright place to come home to, because right now.. it's a little bit dull...

See? Dull! And again... ZERO storage. I think a nice "sunbeam" wall would bright things up drastically... and a little cheesy "hello" decal will fit right in! I love the wire baskets as they look great AND they will hold all those toques and mitts!

Could this please happen soon? Would someone like to come over and make it happen for me? Anyone?

bench.coat rack.sunbeam color.hello.basket.rug.wall hook</center>
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Sunday, 17 August 2014

window shopping...

So i'm in Urban Barn the other day, and I am picking up a birthday/house warming gift for a friend of mine... and I wander the store, because that's what one does when they are in a home decor store right? Anyway, now that I have a home I want stuff... lots of new stuff. Can I afford it? No, but it's fun to dream right? Wanna dream with me? A few of my favorites.. shall we?

Now the clock is sitting in my living room, I must admit. The light? It needs to hang in my dining room, HAS TO! Someday..oh someday. And now i'm also wondering what those curtains would look like in my master bedroom design... hmmm.
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It has officially been two weeks and two days since we moved in! WOW! The difference between having a five bedroom, 2 bath house and a one bedroom condo.. well you can likely guess! We have all the boxes unpacked, but that is about all that we have done. We have talked over a LOT of ideas... but right now, until the wedding is over, that's all they are going to be! After reading all the blogs that I do, especially Young House Love, I know that I need to live in this house for awhile and learn how we use it before we make any big changes... like in the kitchen! Everything is very functional, but it's definitely not our taste! And I plan on taking this house on, room by room so I/we don't get too overwhelmed! Over the next couple of weeks, I plan on showing you what I have in mind for most of the rooms... some are still LARGELY up in the air! And a couple I know will be a LOT of work, but some just need a couple coats of paint! First I will start with our bedroom...

As you can see, it's a blank slate right now, which is super nice... Makes the design process just that much easier! It has a lot of great features too, like that bay window? Oh and did I mention that it looks out onto a field? That's right, no neighbors! I want to make it the perfect spot to sit and read on those cold winter mornings! Hell, any morning for that matter!

Anyway, here is where it gets really fun...

Now let's dive right in! I am leaning towards a dark slate for the back wall, and a shade of white for the trim. Actually, this room was my inspiration for everything... I can never get it out of my head!

I'd really like our room to be a serene, clean space, where we can go to relax and unwind... the less clutter the better! We are going to leave the dresser at the end of the bed, and I don't think I am going to touch it... ok, well maybe some new hardware. We also want to change out the GIANT mirrors... sidenote: there are a million mirrors in this house. Good news? I think only the ones in the bar are actually glued to the wall... ugh.

Steve will eventually make us some sliding barn doors for the closet, not only will this look better, it'll save some space. What else... bedding will be simple again, going back to white! and of course, we need new throw pillows... cause you can never have enough. Sorry Steve! Well, I think that's it! What do you think? Any other suggestions?! Agh, I cannot wait to paint! Wedding first.. paint later!

feature wall paint.trim paint.shelf.bedding.pillow.throw.chair.pillow.flooring.door.light
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Friday, 8 August 2014

what's not to love?!

This version, it's new, it's bright, and it's random! Pretty much describes my life right now too! Coincidence? I think not! Have a beautiful day!
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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

have you ever wondered??

Have you ever looked at a piece of furniture and wondered, where does one find a beautiful piece of artwork like that to sit on? I do…often… and I know that most pieces are likely one of a kind… but i'm sure some were bought in a store!! They had to have been!

This purple sofa… ummmm… have you ever? This thing is gorgeous! Not only that, it looks insanely comfortable! I don't jump on sofas, but doesn't this one look so… jump-able?!

Ok, really? A red, leather, tufted sofa! Red Leather!!! I said it!

Hello shiny blue table.. and while we are at it, that sofa is pretty damn… well pretty! This blue coffee table is so so pretty too…swoon!

Last but certainly not least, the largest blue, chair and ottoman known to man. If I had this chair I would never ever leave it. There would be a pile of books next to it with a solid brass lamp for my reading pleasure. Again, I would never ever leave!
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Friday, 1 August 2014

a little whimsy...

As I write this, we have less than 12 hours until we can walk into our very first house together! It's still very surreal, but damn… I am EXCITED! And I cannot stop thinking about design ideas for it! I think I almost have too many ideas… is that possible?! Anyway, I love the simple, clean look of scandanavian design, but then every once in awhile I get the desire to just go out on a limb and try something completely different! Wallpaper anyone? It used to be an evil word but it's so much easier now! I love this wallpaper… it makes me feel very… whimsical. I'm hoping that at some point, somewhere I can use wallpaper in the new house. I know i'll be installing it by myself though! Also… how fabulous is this flatware?! I am all about gold flatware these days… gold and wallpaper… oh to design a house…I cannot freakin wait!


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