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Friday, 1 August 2014

a little whimsy...

As I write this, we have less than 12 hours until we can walk into our very first house together! It's still very surreal, but damn… I am EXCITED! And I cannot stop thinking about design ideas for it! I think I almost have too many ideas… is that possible?! Anyway, I love the simple, clean look of scandanavian design, but then every once in awhile I get the desire to just go out on a limb and try something completely different! Wallpaper anyone? It used to be an evil word but it's so much easier now! I love this wallpaper… it makes me feel very… whimsical. I'm hoping that at some point, somewhere I can use wallpaper in the new house. I know i'll be installing it by myself though! Also… how fabulous is this flatware?! I am all about gold flatware these days… gold and wallpaper… oh to design a house…I cannot freakin wait!


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