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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

have you ever wondered??

Have you ever looked at a piece of furniture and wondered, where does one find a beautiful piece of artwork like that to sit on? I do…often… and I know that most pieces are likely one of a kind… but i'm sure some were bought in a store!! They had to have been!

This purple sofa… ummmm… have you ever? This thing is gorgeous! Not only that, it looks insanely comfortable! I don't jump on sofas, but doesn't this one look so… jump-able?!

Ok, really? A red, leather, tufted sofa! Red Leather!!! I said it!

Hello shiny blue table.. and while we are at it, that sofa is pretty damn… well pretty! This blue coffee table is so so pretty too…swoon!

Last but certainly not least, the largest blue, chair and ottoman known to man. If I had this chair I would never ever leave it. There would be a pile of books next to it with a solid brass lamp for my reading pleasure. Again, I would never ever leave!
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