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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

no storage...none...

Our new home... lacks any sort of storage in the front entrance. We need SOMETHING there before winter and all of the toques and mittens start to pile up! Yes, I am already thinking about that! Anyway, I have a lot of ideas, we just need to execute. I want it to a bright place to come home to, because right now.. it's a little bit dull...

See? Dull! And again... ZERO storage. I think a nice "sunbeam" wall would bright things up drastically... and a little cheesy "hello" decal will fit right in! I love the wire baskets as they look great AND they will hold all those toques and mitts!

Could this please happen soon? Would someone like to come over and make it happen for me? Anyone?

bench.coat rack.sunbeam color.hello.basket.rug.wall hook</center>
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